1 in 8 adults have tried a GLP-1 agonist

The popularity of these drugs has exploded.

From CNN:

About 1 in 8 adults in the United States has used a GLP-1 drug like Ozempic or Mounjaro at some point in their life, and half of them – about 6% of adults, or more than 15 million people – are currently using a prescription, according to new survey data from KFF.

The US Food and Drug Administration has reported shortages of the GLP-1 medications Ozempic, Wegovy and Mounjaro at various dosages over the past year as drugmakers have raced to keep up with skyrocketing demand. Last week, Novo Nordisk said that at least 25,000 people in the US are starting its drug Wegovy each week – five times more than were able to start the medicine each week in December.

According to the new survey, most adults who have used these drugs have done so to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. More than 40% of respondents who have diabetes and about a quarter of those who have heart disease said they have used GLP-1 drugs.


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