AI saves doctors time

I’m very skeptical that AI can currently save doctors an hour a day. I’m not buying it. If this report is true it could help reduce physician burnout. I need to see more data.

From AMA:

When a health system rolls out new technology that it insists will make physicians’ lives easier, the announcement is typically met with skepticism. But the use of augmented intelligence (AI)—often called artificial intelligence—has changed that. The Permanente Medical Group’s rollout of ambient AI scribes to reduce documentation burdens has been deemed a success, saving most of the physicians using it an average of one hour a day at the keyboard.

Using the microphone on a secure smartphone, the ambient AI scribe transcribes—but doesn’t record—patient encounters and then uses machine learning and natural-language processing to summarize the conversation’s clinical content and produce a note documenting the visit.

“People were genuinely surprised with the ability of the technology to appropriately filter the conversation from a transcript into a clinical note—people were blown away by that,” Kristine Lee, MD, an internist and associate executive director of virtual medicine, technology and innovation at The Permanente Medical Group, said during an interview on the “Gist Healthcare Daily” podcast.


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