Articles & Presentations

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February 2000; Southeastern Surgical Congress – Resident Forum Presentation.  Martinez D, Sweatman K, Thompson EC.  The Role of Angiography in Assessing Popliteal Artery Injuries in Traumatic Knee Dislocations.

December 1999; Louisiana Chapter of the American College of Surgeons Annual Meeting – Oral Presentation.  Perkowski P, Thompson EC,  Smith L, Marr A, Fernandez L.  Do Penetrating Trauma Admissions Correlate with Local Socioeconomic Parameters?

October 1995; 81st Annual Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons – Motion Picture Presentation. Sadasivan KK, Block EFJ, Berkman EF, Thompson EC.  Ilioinguinal Approach to Acetabular Fractures:  Role of the General Surgery

April 1995; International College of Surgeons – Oral Presentation. Mancini MC, Thompson EC, Brantley D.  Crystalloid vs. Colloid Fluid Resuscitation in post operative coronary artery bypass patients

February 1994; Southeastern Surgical Congress -Visual Presentation. Thompson EC, Gelder FB, McDonald JC, Schwalke MA,  Be2.1: A New Tumor Marker for Carcinoma of the Breast

July 1994; 99th Annual convention of the National Medical Association – Visual Presentation. Thompson EC, Burton G, Schwalke MA. Stage at Diagnosis of Breast Cancer – A Comparison of a Private and a Public Hospital

July 1994; 99th Annual convention of the National Medical Association – Visual Presentation Brantley D, Thompson EC.  Gonococcal Endocarditis


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August 2004: America Association for the Surgery of Trauma 63rd Annual Meeting.  Invited Discussant.  Thompson EC.  The Invisible Trauma Patient: Emergency Department Discharges.

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January 2004: Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma 17th Annual Meeting. Invited Discussant. Thompson EC.  Volatility: A New Vital Sign Identified Utilizing a Novel Bedside Monitoring Strategy.

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