The Future of Transplant Surgery

Sometime in the not-too-distant future, a patient will present to the transplant center for evaluation. A genetic profile will be taken. That information will be sent to a remote lab where the kidney is grown in a pig. The kidney has been genetically modified to fit that patient perfectly. 3-6 months later, the kidney is […]

Insurance Billing Problems Continue

In the 1970s, my father, a family practice physician, used to complain about insurance denials. It is now 50 years later and we are still complaining. From Revcycle Intelligence: It may take some time to get paid for medical services, suggests a new survey of hospitals, health systems and post-acute care providers. Nearly 15 percent of medical […]

AI saves doctors time

I’m very skeptical that AI can currently save doctors an hour a day. I’m not buying it. If this report is true it could help reduce physician burnout. I need to see more data. From AMA: When a health system rolls out new technology that it insists will make physicians’ lives easier, the announcement is […]

More data on physician burnout

From AMA News: For the study, researchers examined the links between adverse childhood and occupational experiences with depression and burnout among 7,360 physicians from the AMA Physician Professional Data™ who responded to a survey in late 2020 and early 2021. For mild to severe depression symptoms, survey responses were collected from physicians practicing in 20 […]

High Dose iNO

I have thought for a long time that there are advantages to nitric oxide. Black ICU patients with COVID-19 receiving high-dose inhaled nitric oxide had a decreased risk for 28-day and 90-day mortality, according to results published in American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. “Prior literature has shown that the nitric oxide system is […]

This Year’s Flu

Interestingly, the flu was almost eliminated a couple of years ago when we were all wearing masks. Now that we are maskless, the flu is back. From AP: The flu virus is hanging on in the U.S., intensifying in some areas of the country after weeks of an apparent national decline. Centers for Disease Control […]

Some Drugs Might Not Be in Medicare Negotiations

It seems to me that all drugs should be included in the Medicare price negotiations. From Reuters: Injectable versions of some widely-used cancer drugs including Johnson & Johnson’s (JNJ.N) blockbuster multiple myeloma treatment Darzalex are likely to be excluded from new U.S. government price negotiations for years, drugmakers told Reuters, protecting billions in revenue. Whether the government […]

40% of Doctors Regret Becoming a Doctor

Well, this is depressing news. From AMA News: Early in the pandemic, physician experiences were largely influenced by geography, specialty and personal COVID-19 experiences. But a year into the pandemic, the environment was different because physicians were facing staffing shortages, anti-science aggression, incivility and new dimensions of moral distress. All of this may have had […]

ED Visits for firearm injuries dropped in 2022 compared to 2021 and 2020

This CDC study investigated weekly firearm injuries that presented to the Emergency Room. During the study period, compared with 2019, mean weekly ED visits for firearm injury were 37% higher in 2020, 36% higher in 2021, and 20% higher in 2022, with differences by sex-specific age group (Table). Among both females and males, mean weekly […]

Opioids are still a problem

With all that has been going on over the last 2 – 3 years, it is easy to forget that we were in an opioid crisis. This crisis hasn’t been fixed. It is still ongoing. From NYT: Opioids were the leading cause of fatal poisonings among children age 5 years old and younger in recent […]

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