AI saves doctors time

I’m very skeptical that AI can currently save doctors an hour a day. I’m not buying it. If this report is true it could help reduce physician burnout. I need to see more data. From AMA: When a health system rolls out new technology that it insists will make physicians’ lives easier, the announcement is […]

40% of Doctors Regret Becoming a Doctor

Well, this is depressing news. From AMA News: Early in the pandemic, physician experiences were largely influenced by geography, specialty and personal COVID-19 experiences. But a year into the pandemic, the environment was different because physicians were facing staffing shortages, anti-science aggression, incivility and new dimensions of moral distress. All of this may have had […]

Physician Burnout

Decision burnout is real. It needs to be taken seriously. Burnout is dangerous for our patients and staff. From AMA News: The prevalence of physician burnout during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic was 38.2%, the lowest ever recorded. By the end of 2021, that percentage ballooned to 62.8%, the highest since the AMA first […]

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