When you look at the statistics for gun violence in the United States, they are actually better. About 20 years ago, we had more homicides in the United States than we had Americans dying in automobile crashes. Almost 13,000 Americans died in 2016 because of firearm violence. These are preventable deaths. I, personally, believe that we would become numb to firearm violence. Every single day, we can pick up the paper and see that someone’s been shot or killed with a gun.

Mass shootings have become so common that nobody really pays attention to them. During Monday Night Football, they were honoring those that fell victim to the Thousand Oaks shooting. Yet, before they could bow their heads in Los Angeles, there was another mass shooting in Chicago. Does it really matter what the circumstances were? Does it matter if it was somebody who was struggling with posttraumatic stress disorder? Does it matter if it was someone who got amped up over hate speech and wanted to kill women, Jews, Blacks or whomever? On one hand, no, it does not matter. Four Americans are dead including the shooter. Nope let me say Americans are dying.his is what matters.  A young physician, a pharmacist, a newly minted police officer and an angry, jilted, heartbroken lover are all dead.

We are never going to get a handle on misery, heartbreak and despair. Those are emotions that all humans will face at some point in their lives. Sure, we can have access to mental health care providers which can help alleviate some of the suffering but there is no way, in our wildest dreams, can we relieve all of the suffering in the United States. It can be done. Yet, it seems, all too often that those who are suffering believe that guns will solve the problem. We need to come up with whatever solutions and strategies we can to stop #gunviolence, now.