This is no surprise. Once immigrants are exposed to our tasty but high fat diets, they then should have the same risk of stroke and heart disease as native Americans. I suspect that the children of immigrants have the same heart and stroke risk as the American general population.

From Reuters:

People living in the U.S. but born elsewhere may have lower risk for heart disease and stroke than their native-born neighbors, suggests a new study.

Foreign-born residents had a range of risks, however. Women from Europe and men from Africa or South America had the lowest stroke rates compared to U.S.-born peers. Heart disease rates were lowest among men and women from Asia, the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico and highest among men from the Indian Subcontinent and Europe.

Heart disease is the top cause of death in the U.S., and stroke is the fifth-leading cause, the study team points out in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Past research has suggested that U.S. residents born elsewhere are less likely to die of heart disease than those born in the U.S., and less likely to have heart disease risk factors like obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, the authors note. (more….)