Had you told me that I would be writing about measles 20 years ago, I would have laughed at you. Measles was on its way out. We have an effective vaccine and a wonderful vaccination program. Yet, here we are. A measles outbreak centered around Disneyland, of all places. Some parents have swallowed the Kool-Aid – Measles vaccine has some sort of hidden badness. There is no such hidden badness. Get the shot. Protect your children and those around your children.

More from NYT:

Health officials said 59 cases of measles had been diagnosed in California as of Wednesday, with an additional eight related cases spread through Utah, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Mexico. Among those infected are five workers at Disneyland, where the outbreak was spotted in mid-December; 42 of the 59 California cases have been linked to the Disneyland outbreak.

The cases were a continuation of what health officials said was a worrisome increase in measles in Orange County and other places where parents had resisted the urging of health professionals to inoculate their children. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 644 cases of measles from 27 states last year, by far the largest number since 2000.

Before measles vaccines became commonplace in 1963, about three million to four million Americans a year contracted the disease, the agency said, and 400 to 500 died from it.