More data on physician burnout

From AMA News:

For the study, researchers examined the links between adverse childhood and occupational experiences with depression and burnout among 7,360 physicians from the AMA Physician Professional Data™ who responded to a survey in late 2020 and early 2021.

For mild to severe depression symptoms, survey responses were collected from physicians practicing in 20 different specialties.  The highest rates of mild to severe depression symptoms occurred among these 10 physician specialties. They were:

  • Urology: 38.5%.
  • Emergency medicine: 38.3%.
  • Family medicine: 35.8%.
  • Obstetrics and gynecology: 33.6%.
  • General internal medicine: 33.3%.
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation: 32.7%.
  • Radiology: 32%.
  • Pediatric subspecialty: 31.9%.
  • Psychiatry: 31.8%.
  • Dermatology: 31.6%.

Ophthalmology had the lowest rate of depression at 19.1%.

While physicians are at higher risk for burnout compared with workers in other fields, this does not indicate that doctors are at increased risk for depression.


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