I truly believe that the primary purpose of government is to protect the people. Now, you can construe that any way that you would like. So for me it includes protecting from foreign threats and domestic one like companies taking advantage of Americans. Vaping would be one of these areas where the government could have and should have stepped in. There was nothing good that was going to come from vaping. Lung tissue is fragile. Inhaling unknown substances in your lungs can’t be good. One would figure that the government would require extensive testing before allowing vaping.


Health officials, lawmakers and parents have been raising alarms about vaping for a couple of years, warning that products touted as healthier alternatives for smokers are instead drawing in young people with fun flavors and slick marketing — concerns the Trump administration cited last month while announcing plans to ban most flavored e-cigarettes.

The caution has taken on new urgency in recent months as authorities scramble to understand a rash of mysterious vaping-linked illnesses that have put healthy people in the hospital with serious lung diseases. The latest federal data show there are at least 1,888 cases across every state but Alaska connected to vaping or e-cigarettes, which are battery-powered devices that can look like flash drives and pens and that mimic smoking by heating liquids containing substances such as nicotine and marijuana. At least 37 deaths in 24 states have been confirmed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. (more…)