Insurance Billing Problems Continue

In the 1970s, my father, a family practice physician, used to complain about insurance denials. It is now 50 years later and we are still complaining. From Revcycle Intelligence: It may take some time to get paid for medical services, suggests a new survey of hospitals, health systems and post-acute care providers. Nearly 15 percent of medical […]

Deaths associated with Vaping (Updated)

This is a problem. Looking vaping was never a good idea. Unclear why the government hasn’t been all over this. This is CLEARLY a health hazard. Health officials, lawmakers and parents have been raising alarms about vaping for a couple of years, warning that products touted as healthier alternatives for smokers are instead drawing in […]


Had you told me that I would be writing about measles 20 years ago, I would have laughed at you. Measles was on its way out. We have an effective vaccine and a wonderful vaccination program. Yet, here we are. A measles outbreak centered around Disneyland, of all places. Some parents have swallowed the Kool-Aid […]

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